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Do you own a British bike or have you in the past?

Send a picture with details of the make and when it was taken and I will be proud to list it for for others to enjoy.


At GBBB events meet all kinds of people who love their bikes and share their stories with us.

This might have been the most unusual bicycle to date. Owned by Ann & George Pierce of Cheltenham.

They met us at the 'War in the Cotswolds' event at GWR Toddington. They came to the stand looking for a comfy saddle and chose a Brooks B66S, which by the way Ann said she loves.

When we got talking Ann told us about her knitted bike. Ann and George are always looking for ways to raise funds for YMCA and Maggies charities. Ann decided that she would combine who two passions, knitting and cycling creating this wonderful example, it certainly has raised attention to her charity stand. The Bicycle can now be seen at the National Cycle Museum at Llandrindod Wells.




 Dave King has received the Pashley experience having deciding to buy a gents bike, after riding his wifes heritage style bike, Dave liked the sit up postion. Dave who is an Artisan in both Dry Stone Walling and Stone craft came to GBBB to test ride a number of Pashley bikes. Opting for the King of the Road Roadster, Steve suggested he fit a trade plate and get the bike working for him, as it would be attracting a lot of attention. A week later GBBB had the trade plates ready along with a Carradice Rack bag specially manufacured in Green to match the bike. GBBB arranged a photo shoot courtesy of Chesmu Photography. Dave his looking forward to riding in his village of South Cerney and has also told us that he is saving to buy a Guv'nor to add to his collection.

Pictured is a well known local rider, Andy Beveridge otherwise known as the Flying Scotsman, pictured here with his Steel 531 Batavus racing cycle. Andy was a competitive cyclist racing for the RAF, now often seen at the Bike Shack in Churchdown or supping coffee at GBBB.








At GBBB we can't resist taking a picture of beutiful bikes even if it isn't British. Take this Steel Pinerello built by Ashley King in South Africa 15 years ago. Now staying in the UK the first think got packed was his beloved Pinerello fitted with a Dura Ace Groupset.






Pictured on the left is Giles Burnell pleased to be picking up his Speed 5. Giles was smitten with the Speed 5 after a test ride earlier in the year. Whilst his daughter has been growing up Giles has refrained from spoiling himself until his wife decided it was his turn. Giles chose the Pashley Speed 5 for its unique appearence and ride style. With the normal standard of build quality Giles should be enjoying his Speed 5 for many years to come. We hope to see Giles join us on one of the many Pashley events.







Andrew & Plum Morgan have treated themselves to a couple of Pashley Cycles, they live in the idylic setting of the Forest of Dean and plan to cycle the scenic routes with their 3 terrier dogs.

Plum opted for the limited edition Country Living, whilst Andrew chose the more stable TRI-1 Tricycle, having just recovered from an operation.

Both opted to have additional baskets, should their 3 terriers need a ride.

Thank you for choosing GBBB, we look forward to seeing more wonderful pictures.



Pictured are girls from the Haley family, on the left is Timothea with her Pashley Tri 1 and on the right Susanna with her rare Landrover XCB recently featured by GBBB before its restoration.

Timothea and Susanna are part of the Haley family. A family of 11 children and who are all passionate about Pashley Cycles. I think at the last count they had a total of 7 Pashleys. What makes this family so special, apart from being fans of Pashley Cycles, is that they Tetbury equivalent to Barbara and Tom Good from the BBC series 'The Good Life'. Having their own allotment where they grow most of their own food, they also bake, make jams and their sister Rebekah is also an accomplished seamstress who herself rides a Pashley Penny, whilst Dad Andrew rides a blue Para bike.

We are hoping that the family will send a picture of them all proudly displaying their Pashley collection.


This is John Keavy with his Brompton, John is a keen supporter of British products. We met John at the Gloucester Retro Festival and he was very kind enough to come and visit us at the shop. Although John loves his Brompton, he als has two Norton Motorbikes.

Brompton are manufactured in London making 150 bicycles each day, you can see inside the factory on the BBC link shown on the British Cycling Heritage: page  http://www.greatbritishbikebuild.co.uk/index.asp?pageid=654528




First may we apologise to the lady that owns this fine example of a Raleigh BSA 2O, we did not record your name. Should you see the picture please update us.

Gloucester Retro Weekend saw many people interested in the Pashley cycles on display, we were also thrilled to see a number of other classic bikes, that visitors brought along to show us.

Take this Raleigh BSA 20 made in 1971, the Twenty was not aggressively marketed when it was first released in 1968, but it was a much better bicycle than the RSW. The Twenty's larger wheels made it smoother and it had less rolling resistance.[1] By 1970 the RSW was selling rather poorly, so Raleigh decided to market the "Twenty" more heavily. In 1971 a folding version was released under an old Moulton name the "Stowaway" (anecdotal evidence suggests that they were available in Canada since 1969).

In 1974 the RSW was discontinued and the "Twenty" became Raleigh's main small-wheeled bicycle in production. In 1975, 140,000 were manufactured in the UK alone, which nearly equalled the entire sales of the Moulton from 1963-1974. It was Raleigh's biggest seller in 1977, though sales tapered off after this, its final year of production was not until 1984, giving the Raleigh Twenty a 16-year production lifespan.


At GBBB we appreciate any quality bike, at Gloucester's Retro weekend we had a great deal of people visit you were passionate about their Steed, one in particular was Sarah Taylor who owns a Bella. A dutch styled bicycle manufactured by in Belgium. It has the classic high seating postion you would expect from a Dutch design. Perfect for short trips, shopping and enjoying a picnic in style. 

Sarah is hoping to join us on our next classic bike ride. Sarah you would be very welcome, we look forward to see more pictures of you and your bicycle.




GBBB were contacted by Caren who wanted to promote her bespoke bicycles. Having admired Carens work for sometime, we highly delighted. One in particular caught our eye and that is the Eroica Special; This bespoke bicycle was built for Eroica Brittania a wonderful vintage inspired bike race and festival in the Peak District.  Although classically inspired the lightweight steel frameset is bang up to date in terms of functionality.  Built here with a beautiful vintage groupset to complete the classic feel, it has a few hidden features meaning it is ready to accept the latest 11sp groupsets with STI or Ergo integrated shifters and has a modern road geometry. For more images of delightful bicycles visit Carens website; http://www.hartleycycles.com

A valued customer of GBBB is Andrew Hayley whose family own a number of Pashley Marques'

There recent accusation is a childrens Pashley ATB made in collaboration with Landrover.

Does anyone have any information that could be useful? We at GBBB we believe the collaboration with Landrover was at a time that Pashley were producing bikes for Moulton. If this is true we would expect to see suspension. Any information would be appreciated.


Phil Stacey and his Mum are pictured with her Triumph Palm Beach outside Phils cafe, which has recently been renovated by GBBB. Mum tells us that she has owned the bike since the age of 11 making it 55 years old. When the bike was brought to us it was a bit of a wreck, Phil and brother Adam wanted to have it renovated in time for their mums birthday.

Mum soon was of riding and you can see from her smile it brought back memories of when she was a girl.

This Triumph was made by Raleigh had the components were all made in England. The aim of the restoration was not to make it looking new, but to retain as many parts as possible and keep the age of the bike. We hope the bike sees many more happy years before it retires.

Andrew Barnes recently purchased a Weehoo iGO Trailer from the Great British Bike Build, Andrew has since put the iGO child trailer thetrailer has been thoroughly put through its paces, see how Andrew and his son got on has shared his findings with us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUOENlaeP3Q&feature=youtu.be




Hi Steve,

Lance ordered the Britannia bike for me , his wife. Want you to know how impressed we were with the service, communication and delivery, oh and not let's forget the best price of anywhere and believe me when I say we researched everywhere and for ages.

As for the bike, I have never been so excited since getting married and the birth of my 4 children. I am 58 and this is the perfect bike for me to gain confidence on and get back to fitness. The quality of all the parts are exceptional,it is so beautiful and so fashionable for today's vintage fashion. I can't stop looking at it. I'll be taking my shi tzu Minnie out in the basket.... Very Miranda! Will put a picture on the website soon. Feel free to publish this letter and thanks again for a fantastic service. 

One last thing, I recommend the Pashley ladies bikes to anyone like myself- older and lacking in confidence or even younger but new to biking or anyone who just wants the most beautiful eye catching bike. Well worth every penny even at the full price .
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More modern than our usual bikes but one of our customers 'Marcus Rendle' rides a Boardman 9.4 TT Carbon race bike, A great British cycling brand, a true British cycling legend.

Here you see Marcus competing in Germany's Challenge Roth Ironman


Hopper Butchers Bike 1914 owned by Rob King of English Willow Basketworks

This fine example of a Hopper Butchers Bike is proudly owned by Rob King of English Willow Basketworks in Norfolk. Rob purchased the bike from a cycle enthusiast in Essex. It's still in original condition apart from the saddle, which Rob says he still has the original saddle.

Owning the Butchers bike reminds Rob of his childhood, when in 1961 aged 13 he was a Butchers Boy delivering on Saturdays for Wilkes, the local Butcher in New Malden Surrey. Rob was paid a grand some of 7/6d which in todays money would be 37.5p. Rob soon learnt that he could double his money through tips with the help of a nice smile.

The Hopper Company was founded by Frederick Hopper, born 1859 and started a cycle repair business in 1880 from a former Blacksmith shop in Barton-upon-Humber. F Hopper started building bikes in 1906 and was employing 400 people by 1912 and was exporting throughout the British Empire. In 1914 Hopper purchased the bankrupt Elswick Cycle Company and merged the companies to the new title of Elswick Hopper Cycle and Motor Company.


Pashley Guvnor 1930s

The Guvnor designed in the 1930s by Pashley, it has recently been re-introduced by using modern components. Seen here ridden by Philip Simons who is a member of the Guvnor Assembly.

Philip has recently upgraded by changing the Tange Headset to the GBBB series to which is made in England.




I came across this bike on Ebay selling for £2,500 in Japan. How I wish I could have afforded it!

It is equipped with Hetchins BB, Cyclo Shifters, Cyclo De monde Pedals, Brooks B17 Saddle, Constrictor aloy clincher rims, Cyclo from and rear deraliur, Stronglight Crank with Simplex Rings and Bluemell Fenders.

Altogether a truly British Bike!!!


Betty Hough 1953

This is a picture of me in my younger days, taken in Bournemouth, Dorset. My bike was a Coventry Eagle, which was a popular bike in those days. Although it only had three speed, I competed in time trials for my club Blandford CC and recorded a time of 27 minutes. The longest rided I did was from Birmingham to Blandeford, Dorset.



Blandford Cycling Club

A picture taken at Blandford Carnival, you can see us sat on a float. The racer in the foreground has very unusual forks, It had one of the early derailleur gears, but I can't recall the bike manufacture. Can anyone help?


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