British cycling Heritage

Cycling in Britain has been a tradition for the last 198 years, we have been one of the most innovative inventors and was once the largest manufacture of Bicycles. GBBB would like to share with you interesting facts and video links we've come across that demonstrate Britains cycling Heritage. We would like to thank all subscribers for sharing their valuable resources.

BBC - Inside the factory, films Gregg Wallace as he tours the Brompton factory in London who make 150 Bicycles each day http://bbc.in/2byn9rr




Ian Webb helps out in the shop at GBBB, his father owned a popular cycle shop in London. You can see in the window many of the British manufacturers of the time; Michelin, John Bull,Phillips, Dunlop and Raleigh.










Wrights Saddles Heritage

Steven Green who has been with Brooks for over 30 years and manages our office in Smethwick.

Quoting Steven: "Brooks did own Wrights (and technically still do)"

Perhaps the "W3 N" had not the cheery ring of the B17?

"It was the takeover of Wright saddles that brought about the move of Brooks premises from Birmingham City Centre to Smethwick (circa 1960). The Wrights factory was located in Selly Oak – a suburb of Birmingham at some 2 miles to the south of the city centre. The company wished to condense the two factories into one working site – neither existing site was large enough to accommodate the other and so both were closed down and moved to the present site in Smethwick."