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14 November 2017Design Cities around People not Cars

“From Mexico City to Manchester, mayors around the world are waking up to the fact that their cities need to be designed around people, not motor vehicles and that investing in cycling is key to keeping their city moving, and improving health and economic vitality.

Sustrans has completed a survey of 7,700 people on behalf of Bikelife and found that an overwhelming 78% of people want more protected cycleways built even at the cost to road transport.

GBBB believes protected cycleways would make it safer for our children, resulting in more children cycling to school, which in turn will cut down the congestion of the school run and the increased dangerous parking at school entrances where are children are most vunrable.




06 November 2017Children from St James Primary School say thanks

02 November 20171940s-themed cycle festival to be staged at Herne Hill in June 2018

The P&P World Cycling Revival, to be staged in June next year at the refurbished and historic Herne Hill velodome in London, will be "the greatest celebration of the bicycle the world has ever seen," promises the organisers.

The event will be 1940s-themed, celebrating the fact that the Herne Hill velodrome hosted the cycling track events at the London Olympics in 1948. "Our patrons will be invited to wear vintage themed clothing throughout the whole festival," said a blurb.

"Vintage themed retailers will focus on appropriate experiential opportunities from wet shaves and hair and beauty parlours through to vintage fashion," continued the blurb.

The festival is organised by the Female Sports Group, said to be the first sports consultancy in the UK to focus exclusively on female and mixed gender sports.

The velodrome will host a programme of racing including a Japanese Keirin Trophy where guests can place bets, via Fitzdares, on the five races each day. Condor Cycles, founded in 1948, will provide steel-framed Keirin bikes for the races, all built with Japanese Keirin-style components

The programme will also feature the Brompton 48 Invitational race, a new event, where winner takes all; riders, including former professional cyclist David Millar, will race to claim a £10,048 prize pot

Exhibitions will include the history of the bicycle, run in partnership with the National Cycle Museum of Wales. 

The P&P World Cycling Revival's John Postlethwaite said: “This is an event like no other for cycling and we’re delighted to be working with Herne Hill in creating the greatest celebration of the bicycle the world has ever seen.”

Tickets for the event – due to be staged 14–16th June – are already on sale. Prices start from £65 per day or £150 for a 3-day season ticket.

01 November 2017UK e-bike subsidy could be on the cards

GBBB has always taken an interest in Sustatinable Transport and believes anything that gets more bikes on the roads and less cars has got to be a good thing. I was encouraged to read the following:

Posted on 23 Oct 2017 in Cycles News

The UK government could potentially consider providing subsidies for electric bicycles and electric cars as part of a concerted policy effort to get more people cycling, the roads minister, Jesse Norman, has said.

With the UK facing health crises from pollution and inactive living, other plans could include using electric cargo bikes to deliver packages from internet retailers rather than vans, Norman told the Guardian.

Currently people buying electric or hybrid cars can receive up to £4,500 off the purchase price through a government subsidy scheme. However, there is no equivalent policy for e-bikes despite them becoming increasingly popular with novice or older cyclists and costing upwards of £1,000.

Elsewhere in Europe, residents are already being incentivised to get an e-bike, with a €200 electric bike subsidy in France, a $1200 subsidy in Oslo for electric cargo bike purchases, and most recently Sweden have announced that around €35 million per year will be set aside for the next three years to subsidize purchases.

Norman said an e-bike subsidy could happen: "We've done some work on that already, and I haven't looked at the outcomes yet, and they might not be ready yet. There's a case in principle."

He said there was "tremendous opportunity" for more packages to be delivered by electric-assist cargo bikes: "If you think about what in terms of local deliveries, a lot of these Amazon deliveries are lighter things - you don't need a Transit van to be doing that.

"I think e-bikes and ebikes-plus are a really interesting potential way of handling that last mile or two of deliveries."

About 1-2% of trips in the UK are made by bike, considerably fewer than in many other other European countries.

Saying his ambition was to "make the transition to a world where a 12-year-old can cycle safely", Norman said he could not promise extra funding for cycle routes, but said central government could start pushing councils to take more action


For those of you that don't know, Steve founder of the Great British Bike Build is a qualified NSIQ Cycle Instructor and since the close of the shop has been working more providing cycle training for both Adults and Children, working closely with Gloucestershire Road Safety.

This is PRESTON the GBBB cycle training Bull Dog inspired by the Wallace and Grommet cyber dog.

Alongside the heritage cycles Steve hopes to inspire the next generation of cyclist through Bikeability and Tthe BCF 'GO RIDE' scheme. If you are interested in cycle training for either you or your children contact Steve by email to cycletraining@gbbb.co.uk you can also get an update on local GO RIDE events on the GBBB Calendar http://www.greatbritishbikebuild.co.uk/calendar.asp


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